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Official Review

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We’ve gotten our first official review! The website has posted a review of My Best Friend Mo. The review is posted below. The link to the review on the Online Book Club website is

Official Review: My Best Friend,Mo by Suzanne M.Turner

Post by ivana7 » 05 Jun 2021, 09:48
[Following is an official review of “My Best Friend,Mo” by Suzanne M.Turner.]

4 out of 4 stars

Many would say that a dog is a man’s best friend. Life with a dog is truly special, and the love that dogs give to their owners is immeasurable. In addition, children have an even more special connection with dogs, which can be seen in this book. My Best Friend, Mo! by Suzanne M. Turner is a children’s book that shows how important a dog can be in a child’s life.

The book follows Stevie and his dog, Mo, who was adopted from the shelter by Stevie and his family. Mo and Stevie spend almost every moment together. They eat together, play together, and watch television together. Mo is very attached to Stevie and is waiting for him to come back from school every day. Also, he always follows him wherever he goes. In addition, Mo has a lot of other canine friends with whom he also plays. The whole book is illustrated, and readers can follow Stevie’s and Mo’s daily activities through pictures as well.

What I like most about this book is the message that is conveyed, and that is the importance of adopting dogs from shelters. Also, I like the friendship and love between Stevie and Mo. Furthermore, the illustrations perfectly depict every situation in the book, and I think this is very important given that the book is intended for young children. In addition, the illustrations are very vibrant, colorful, and unique, and it looks like they were drawn with crayons.

There is nothing in the book that I do not like. My Best Friend, Mo! is an ideal picture book for all children, especially those children who have their own dogs. The book teaches the importance of treating animals well and shows how living with a canine friend can be joyful and fun. In addition, the book seems to be exceptionally well edited because I did not encounter any grammatical errors.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. Every aspect of the book is excellent, and I have no complaints. This book would be ideal for children going to kindergarten and lower elementary school students. I would also recommend it to everyone else who loves fun picture books about animals.

My Best Friend,Mo


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