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About Us

Meet Mo

It’s been said that dog is a man’s best friend. Since his adoption from an animal shelter, Mo has proven that timeless saying to be true over and over again. Mo is full of love and full of life. He loves his best friend, Stevie, and he makes sure Stevie knows just how much Mo loves him all the time! Mo is a chocolate lab, and the star of the book series, “My Best Friend Mo”.

Mo fell asleep reading to his favorite toy
picture of Mo the dog

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Meet Suzanne Turner

Suzanne M. Turner resides in Zion Crossroads, Virginia. A retired biochemist, Methodist Stephen Minister, and senior caregiver, she has also spent the last 24 years as a drummer with sing-along group that visits local retirement homes. Suzanne also enjoys boating, golfing, regular exercise classes, all music, and writing. The inspiration for this book came from watching her real-life friend, Steve, interact with his new shelter dog, Mo.

Image of the Author: Suzanne Turner
Suzanne Turner
this is a photo of our illustrator, Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor

Meet Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor is an illustrator, animator, and RISD alum working from Zion Crossroads, VA. One of the projects she loves to work on is the My Best Friend Mo children’s book series. She is available for a wide variety of illustration projects including children’s books, portraiture, and fine art.

How to reach Jessica:

At MOmentum Books, we believe in giving animals the right to happiness. Adopting a shelter animal will give that animal a second chance at life, and the opportunity to feel what it deserves – happiness!


Steve Williams